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Get Relief with Our Deep Tissue Massages in Fredericksburg, VA

When you feel sore and tense, schedule an appointment at Medical Massage Clinic for relief. We’re the clinic of choice for receiving a deep tissue massage in Fredericksburg, VA. Our skilled massage therapists will ease the knots in your muscles to promote circulation, mobility, and healing. Learn more about this type of pain-relieving treatment and its advantages by contacting us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best-known benefits of deep tissue massage are pain relief and tension reduction. However, you may also experience benefits like improved range of motion and flexibility, better sleep quality, lower blood pressure, and more.

While a deep tissue massage uses strokes similar to a regular massage, your therapist will apply the strokes with greater pressure. These sessions are meant to relieve major tension or aid recovery from muscular strain rather than deliver relaxation.

Clients who wish to achieve the maximum benefits of deep tissue massage may visit us about every three to six weeks. If you are receiving treatment for chronic pain, we may recommend scheduling sessions every one to two weeks initially and then spreading the appointment out as your pain reduces.

Since a deep tissue massage targets the innermost layers of your muscles to break tight knots, you may experience muscular aches after your session. You should avoid strenuous activity for 24 hours and drink plenty of water. If you feel sore, consider taking a warm bath with Epson salt.