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Massage Therapy in Fredericksburg, VA

All of our massage therapists in Fredericksburg, VA, are certified and have passed the rigorous tests and exams that are mandatory in the state of Virginia. Meet the staff of professional massage therapists working at the Medical Massage Clinic, and read about their training and specialties, from Swedish and deep tissue massage to lymphatic drainage and more. Come in and see why we are known as the best massage clinic in Fredericksburg.

Our Therapists

In the state of Virginia, massage therapists are required to complete 500 hours of classroom training in conjunction with performing student massage outside the classroom environment. Virginia also requires massage therapists to have in-depth training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, pathology, and Swedish massage techniques, among others.

To obtain a massage license, one must pass a rigorous state exam administered by the Virginia Board of Nursing. It’s required by the Virginia Board to take 24 hours of continuing education (CEUs) every two years.

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Our Receptionists

Our reception team is trained to listen to your needs and suggest a massage therapist who is best suited to address them. They are knowledgeable about massage and the different modalities that we offer. If they cannot answer a question immediately, they will be happy to find you an answer.

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